Data dictionaries

Family History
1. Family
2. Family Membership
3. Individual
4. Cancer
5. Cause of death
6. Derived race and ethnicity

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1. Block-spec 
2. Block-prod 
3. Fresh-spec 
4. Fresh-prod 
5. Oral-spec 
6. Blood-spec 
7. Blood-prod 
8. Lcl-prod 
9. Nuc-acid 
10. Qc-test-outcome

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Colon Epi
1. Colon epi baseline- part 1CRC screening, polyps, GI conditions, GI surgeries, diabetes, high cholesterol,
high triglycerides, cancer history, medication use
2. Colon epi baseline- part 2Female reproductive history, gynecological surgeries, hormone use, physical
activity, occupation
3. Colon epi baseline- part 3Diet, alcohol use, tobacco use, weight and height, education,
race/ethnicity/birthplace of respondent, parents, and grandparents
4. Colon epi followup
5. Colon epi followup noncore

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1. Australian Diet
2. North American Diet
3. North American Nutrient

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Colorectal Pathology (Abstracted From Medical Records)
1. Colorectal Malignancy
2. Polyps
3. Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment

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1. MSI 
2. IHC 
3. MLPA 
4. Genomic 
6. Derived_MSI 
7. Derived_IHC 
8. Derived_MSI_IHC 
9. Derived Genomic 

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1. Colon epi followup 2nd fu 
2. Colon epi followup 2nd fu ncore 
3. Dispatch-item 
4. Dispatch 
5. Dispatch-application