Publications policy

One of the most important goals of the CCFR is timely publications that describe the scientific findings discovered via the CCFR resource. Peer-reviewed publications are the main vehicle for disseminating findings to scientists and the public and are critical to the continued ability of the CCFR to continue to advance research on colorectal cancers. Recognizing that many scientists will be involved in the collection and use of the data, the CCFR has developed a Policy on Publications which you can download here.

Notice to authors

The CCFR manuscript approval process consists of two steps.

  • The first step, which we encourage authors to undertake early in the writing process, involves submitting a Manuscript Registration Form. This form is distributed to the CCFR Steering Committee and serves the purpose of notifying the center PIs that a manuscript is being developed. It also provides an opportunity for them to contact the lead author and contribute to the manuscript.
  • The second step involves submitting the manuscript, along with the Manuscript Review Checklist, for CCFR administrative review. This step should be taken once the manuscript is ready for submission to the journal and has been reviewed and approved by all CCFR co-authors.

Abstracts (and posters) are exempt from the above procedures, but we do ask that a Registration Form be submitted so that interested investigators can contribute to the manuscript, should one follow. Please refer to the ‘Authorship for Abstracts’ section at the end of Section VI in the Policy on Publications.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Allyson Templeton.