Module: biospecimens

Module Contents

  1. fresh-spec

1CENTER_NO (*PK)number (2,0)Required:true
Center Identification Number. *CENTER_NO + FRESH_SPEC_CID are the primary key for the table.
Allowable Values
11Sinai Health Systems (formerly Cancer Care Ontario)
12Cedars-Sinai & Cleveland Clinic (formerly USC Consortium)
13University of Melbourne
14University of Hawaii Cancer Center
15Mayo Clinic
16Fred Hutch, Seattle
17UCSF: University of California at San Franscisco (formerly CPIC, originally Northern California (NCCC))

2PERSON_IDstring (12)Required:true
Number that uniquely identifies an individual.

3TUMOR_NOnumber (2,0)Required:false
Sequential number, starting with “1”, assigned to each tumor for a given individual when entered into the local system.
Allowable Values
1 to 99 or -9, -15Range
1, 2, 3, … Number of tumor on cancer table
-9NA/Out of scope: Tissue is not cancer or contiguous adenoma
-15Information Unknown

4POLYP_NOnumber (1,0)Required:false
Sequential number over range of 1 to 3 to distinguish a polyp removed on a particular date.
Allowable Values
1 to 3 or -9, -1Range
-9NA/Out of scope. Tissue is not a polyp
-1 Polyp has IHC/MSI result but center is currently unable to locate polyp pathology information. Center review to obtain this information is currently underway

5FRESH_SPEC_CID (*PK)string (9)Required:true
Unique local identifier used at a center to uniquely identify a fresh tissue specimen. *CENTER_NO + FRESH_SPEC_CID are the primary key for the table.
6DATE_TAKENstring (8)Required:true
Date specimen was taken from patient
Date Value Check
The date must follow to the following format:

Format YYYYMMDD. Must consist of valid date.
Components of date should be right justified and zero filled.
MM = 01 – 12, 88, 99
DD = 01 – 31, 88, 99
YYYY = Minimum year – system date year, 8888, 9999
Use 88, 8888 for not currently known, in progress to obtain information.
Use 99, 9999 for not known.
If century is known, but year is unknown then give an estimate of year or code YYYY = 9999.
If MM = 99 then DD must = 99.
If century is known, but year is unknown then give an estimate of year or code YYYY = 9999.
If YYYY = 9999 then MM and DD must = 99.

The following special parameters are used:
1980Minimum year

7COLLECTION_CIDstring (10)Required:true
Identifier used internally by centers to denote a unique surgical event

8NORMAL_ONLYnumber (1,0)Required:true
Indicates that the specimen/product contains only normal tissue.
Allowable Values

9FRESH_SOURCEstring (21)Required:false
Source or origin in as much detail as is known. For tumors, ICD-O-3 site code should be used.

10PATH_REPORT_RECEIVEDnumber (1,0)Required:false
Indicates whether a pathology report has been received for subject specimen.
Allowable Values
9Not Known