Module: family-history

Module Contents

  1. family

1CENTER_NOnumber (2,0)Required:true
Center Identification Number
Allowable Values
11Sinai Health Systems (formerly Cancer Care Ontario)
12Cedars-Sinai & Cleveland Clinic (formerly USC Consortium)
13University of Melbourne
14University of Hawaii Cancer Center
15Mayo Clinic
16Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
17UCSF/University of California at San Franscisco (formerly CPIC, originally NCCC)

2FAMILY_ID (PK*)string (9)Required:true
Family identification number uniquely identifying a family. Consists of concatenated CENTER_NO (2 digits; digits 1-2) + local family number (7 digits; digits 3-9). The last portion of the number (7 digit part) should be right justified, zero filled. Ex: Family Id 12345 from Philadelphia Breast Center should be: 010012345 or 10012345 Ex: Family Id 12345 from Australia Colon Center should be: 130012345. *This field is a Primary Key for the table.

3CTR_SUBstring (2)Required:false
Center subsite location (determined by institution).
Allowable Values
03Uni of Colorado
04Uni of Arizona
05Cleveland Clinic
07Uni of Minnesota
13Cases 18-44
14Cases 45-49
15Cases 18-44 2003+
16Cases 45-49 2003+
17Cases 18-44 preNIH Ph II
18Cases 45-49 preNIH Ph II
23Controls 18-44
24Controls 45-49
31Clinic Ph I
32Clinic Ph II
33Clinic Ph III
32Clinic Cases with Frozen Tissue
34Community Recruitment PhIV
55Ph I Clinic-Based (Mayo Clinic)
56Ph I Clinic-Based (Nth Central Ca Tx Center)
57Ph I Pop-Based (Minnesota Ca Surveillance System)
58Ph I Other Clinic-Based
65Ph II Clinic-Based (Mayo Clinic)
67Ph II Pop-Based (Minnesota Ca Surveillance System)
68Ph II Other Clinic-Based
75Ph III Clinic-Based (Mayo Clinic)
78Ph III Other Clinic-Based

4FSRCnumber (1,0)Required:true
Source of family/proband.
Allowable Values
1Population-based (cancer registry)
2Clinic (non-population based)

5FRSTDATEstring (8)Required:true
Date proband first identified. E.g. date of diagnosis of incident case in cancer registry or date of first visit to clinic or date first identified to study.

6FRSTESTnumber (1,0)Required:false
Accuracy of date identified/recruited.
Allowable Values
2Within 1 year
3Within 1+ to 5 years
4Within 5+ to 10 years
510 or more years

7BASELINE_CUTOFFstring (8)Required:false
Date when the complete initial family history interview/information was received.
Date Value Check
The date must follow to the following format:

Format YYYYMMDD. Must consist of valid date.
Components of date should be right justified and zero filled.
MM = 01 – 12, 88, 99
DD = 01 – 31, 88, 99
YYYY = Minimum year – system date year, 8888, 9999
Use 88, 8888 for not currently known, in progress to obtain information.
Use 99, 9999 for not known.
If century is known, but year is unknown then give an estimate of year or code YYYY = 9999.
If MM = 99 then DD must = 99.
If century is known, but year is unknown then give an estimate of year or code YYYY = 9999.
If YYYY = 9999 then MM and DD must = 99.

The following special parameters are used:
YYYY 1997 (Minimum year) – system date year, 8888, 9999
MM 01 – 12, 88, 99
DD 01 – 31, 88, 99

8ASHKENAZInumber (1,0)Required:true
Flag to indicate whether proband is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent
Allowable Values