CCFR refunded for 5 more years!

May 2023

In response to the renewal grant application submitted to U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) in March 2022, top leadership at the NCI awarded the CCFR with 5 additional years of funding, through April 2028. In their grant application, they proposed:

  • Continuing their strong commitment to supporting research being conducted worldwide into the causes, prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer.
  • Leading and contributing to publications in top scientific journals reporting on breakthroughs into the understanding of colorectal cancer (visit our Publications page).
  • Updating the cohort by surveying study participants about their cancer screening, personal and family history of cancer, polyp removal and colorectal surgeries. In addition, and in response to overwhelming requests by study participants, they plan to add new survey questions.
  • Collecting and testing tumor samples from new colorectal cancer diagnoses to add to the collective knowledge of these heterogeneous cancers.
  • Carefully maintaining and sharing blood, saliva, and tumor samples donated by their study participants that are key to many research discoveries.

The CCFR wishes to thank their 42,500 study participants for their many contributions, and to the National Cancer Institute for recognizing the importance of their work and for their generous funding.