BMI and molecular subtypes of colorectal cancer

May 2023

A recent analysis has found the strongest evidence to date, that people with a high body mass index (a measure of weight for people of equal height) are more likely to develop colorectal cancer.

For people of the same height, a 5kg increase in weight was associated with an 18% rise in colorectal cancer risk. This increased risk was found for most types of colorectal cancer.

If weight is causing colorectal cancer risk, then preventing obesity could help prevent most types of colorectal cancer.

This is one of the largest studies ever done. It combined data from 11 separate studies into a single analysis of 11,000 people with colorectal cancer and 11,000 people without colorectal cancer. The data that you and others provided to the Colon Cancer Family Registry was the largest component of this study. Your continued participation ensures that we move closer to a future where this disease can be better understood, managed, and prevented.

To read the study in full click here.

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