Module: derived

Module Contents

  1. d_MSI

1CENTER_NOnumber (2,0)Required:true
Center Identification Number.
Allowable Values
11Sinai Health Systems (formerly Cancer Care Ontario)
12Cedars-Sinai & Cleveland Clinic (formerly USC Consortium)
13University of Melbourne
14University of Hawaii Cancer Center
15Mayo Clinic
16Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
17UCSF/University of California at San Franscisco (formerly CPIC, originally NCCC)

2PERSON_IDstring (12)Required:true
Number that uniquely identifies an individual.

3COLLECTION_CIDstring (30)Required:true
Identifier used internally by centers to denote a unique surgical event. This data element is typically used to allow aggregation of all materials, such as blocks, from a single surgery.

4TEST_TISSUEnumber (1,0)Required:true
Tissue on which test was performed. Only values of 1,2,3 link to pathology information. Although values 2 and 3 may represent the same tissue type, their pathology information is stored in different database tables. Adjacent adenomas are recorded on the Colorect_Malig table and so are associated with a cancer; Colon polyps are recorded on the Polyps table. As a result, the pathology information for each will differ somewhat. There may be cases where TEST_TISSUE variable has value 2 but the ADJ_ADEN variable of Colorect_Malig table indicates no adjacent adenoma present. In these cases, the TEST_TISSUE value takes precedence and the adjacent adenoma is considered to have been overlooked.
Allowable Values
1 Cancer
2 Contiguous (Adjacent) adenoma
3 Colon polyp
4 Gastric polyp
5 Sebaceous adenoma

5TUMOR_NOnumber (2,0)Required:true
Numbers labeling tumors of the individual. Numbers are not necessarily sequential. No adjustment is made when a tumor is deleted from the system. Tumor numbers are never reused. PERSON_NO plus TUMOR_NO uniquely identifies each tumor in the central database. The same tumor number from different tables (including tables outside of the biospecimen module) must always refer to the same physical tumor.
Allowable Values
-9 NA/Out of scope: Tissue is not cancer or contiguous adenoma.
-15 Information Unknown

6BLOCK_SPEC_CIDstring (40)Required:true
Unique local identifier used at a center to uniquely identify a block tissue specimen.
Allowable Values
-15 Information Unknown

7MSI_STATUS_TISSUEnumber (1,0)Required:true
MSI status of DNA extraction. For each set of scores (MSI_ACTC, _BAT25, _BAT26, _BAT34C4, _BAT40, _D5S346, _D10S197, _D17S250, _D18S55, _MYCL (excluding D2S123) (with a minimum of 4 out of 10 markers that are either stable or unstable (Options 1 and 2 only NOT 6-9, -11, -12, -13, -14, -15), the percent unstable among stable and unstable markers is calculated and compared to cutpoints to determine if the results are stable (0% unstable), low (1-29% unstable) or high (30-100% unstable). If only 3 markers are scored but they are all unstable then the status is scored as high.
Allowable Values
-7 NA/Out of scope – Less than 4 marker scores stable or unstable
1 Stable – 0% unstable
2 Low – More than 0% but less than 30% unstable
3 High – At least 30% unstable