Module: family-history

Module Contents

  1. cancer
    2.PERSON_ID (*PK)
    3.TUMOR_NO (*PK)

1CENTER_NOnumber (2,0)Required:true
Center Identification Number
Allowable Values
11Sinai Health Systems (formerly Cancer Care Ontario)
12Cedars-Sinai & Cleveland Clinic (formerly USC Consortium)
13University of Melbourne
14University of Hawaii Cancer Center
15Mayo Clinic
16Fred Hutch, Seattle
17UCSF: University of California at San Franscisco (formerly CPIC, originally Northern California (NCCC))

2PERSON_ID (*PK)number (12,0)Required:true
Number that uniquely identifies an individual. *PERSON_ID + TUMOR_NO are the primary key for this table.

3TUMOR_NO (*PK)number (2,0)Required:true
Computer generated sequential number, starting with "1", assigned to each tumor for a given individual when entered into local system. No adjustment is made when a tumor is deleted from the system. Tumor numbers are never reused. Tumor_no is a machine-generated value that has no implied meaning such as sequence of diagnosis. The first tumor that is entered into the system is assigned 1, the second tumor entered into the system assigned 2, etc. For example, if a person has two tumors and tumor_no 2 is deleted, that number should never be reused for that individual. Should that person develop a second primary, that tumor should have tumor_no set to 3. *PERSON_ID + TUMOR_NO are the primary key for this table.
This tumor is also mapped throughout the Registry to all block samples and molecular testing for that PERSON_ID.

4SITEstring (4)Required:true
Location where this tumor originated in as much detail as is known and for which a code is provided in ICD-O-3.

Error Description
SITE must be C000-C809

5LATERALnumber (1,0)Required:true
Laterality of tumor. Side of the body in which the tumor originated. Note: laterality of left and right is not applicable for all sites. Coding for this field is based on SEER, NAACCR and AcoS guidelines.
Allowable Values
0Not a paired site
3Unilateral, NOS
9Paired site, no information

6HISTOnumber (5,0)Required:true
First four digits of the ICD-O-3 morphology code which designates the histologic type of this tumor. Coding for this field is based on SEER, NAACCR and AcoS guidelines.
Allowable Values
8000 to 9990 Range
8000No specific histologic type information

7BEHAVnumber (1,0)Required:false
ICD-O-3 5th digit behavior code. Coding for this field is based on SEER, NAACCR and AcoS guidelines.
Allowable Values
1Uncertain whether benign or malignant; borderline; low malignant potential
2Carcinoma in situ
3Malignant (Invasive)

8AGEDXnumber (3,0)Required:true
Age at diagnosis.
Allowable Values
0 to 130 or 998, 999Range
998Less than 1 year

9DXDATEstring (8)Required:true
Date of diagnosis.
Date Value Check
The date must follow to the following format:

Format YYYYMMDD. Must consist of valid date.
Components of date should be right justified and zero filled.
MM = 01 - 12, 88, 99
DD = 01 - 31, 88, 99
YYYY = Minimum year - system date year, 8888, 9999
Use 88, 8888 for not currently known, in progress to obtain information.
Use 99, 9999 for not known.
If century is known, but year is unknown then give an estimate of year or code YYYY = 9999.
If MM = 99 then DD must = 99.
If century is known, but year is unknown then give an estimate of year or code YYYY = 9999.
If YYYY = 9999 then MM and DD must = 99.

The following special parameters are used:
YYYY 1700 (Minimum year) - system date year, 8888, 9999
MM 01 - 12, 88, 99
DD 01 - 31, 88, 99

10DXESTnumber (1,0)Required:true
Accuracy of diagnosis date.
Allowable Values
2Within 1 year
3Within 1+ to 5 years
4Within 5+ to 10 years
510 or more years

11DXSRCnumber (2,0)Required:true
Source of diagnosis information (site, histology, behavior, laterality).
Allowable Values
1Pathology review (means your center's pathologist examined the tissue and may have also completed an internal review sheet;)
2Pathology report (means the documents from the hospital's medical records or pathologist. It often comes with the Biospecimens (block, tissue...). )
3Other hospital record or clinic record
4Death certificate
8Other cancer registry (e.g. state)
10NDI, NDI+, site-specific state death indices (health department)
12Other source, for example specialized genealogy

12TISSUEnumber (1,0)Required:true
Status of tissue procurement.
Allowable Values
0Not needed / not applicable
1Permission granted by patient, pending request to hospital/clinic
2Specimen requested from hospital/clinic, awaiting receipt
3Specimen received
4Refusal from patient
5Lost or destroyed
6Refusal from hospital/clinic
7Unable to request tissue (tissue location overseas or location is unknown)
8Pending permission from patient

13QUALIFY_TUMORnumber (1,0)Required:false
Flag indicating that the tumor qualifies a population sampled affected proband as eligible for inclusion in the study. The tumor must meet all site-specific eligibility criteria. Synchronous qualifying tumours should be sequentially ordered beginning with the largest in size.
Allowable Values
1 to 4Range

Error Description
If FAMILY-MEMBERSHIP.PROBAND_FLG=1 And FAMILY.FSRC=1, then CANCER.QUALIFY_TUMOR must be 1 (at least one cancer record)