**NEW, as of Sep 2019** Prior to submitting an Application for Collaboration, Researchers are asked submit a Collaborative Study Feasibility Review Form. This form is intended to detail your study inclusion, exclusion, data and biospecimen requirements so we can determine, before an application is submitted, whether the CCFR has the participants, data and/or biospecimens needed for your study and by which CCFR site(s). The Collaborative Study Feasibility Review is step 1 in the application process.

This FLOW DIAGRAM illustrates the application process.

To initiate a study feasibility review:

  1. Review the LIST OF APPROVED APPLICATIONS for potential overlap*.
  2. Download the COLLABORATIVE STUDY FEASIBILITY REVIEW FORM and submit the completed form to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  3. Download the template CCFR DUA TEMPLATE and have it reviewed to assess whether your institution can agree to the terms as written.

Once the study feasibility has been completed and you wish to request a collaboration, download/complete/submit an APPLICATION FOR COLLABORATION to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your application will be considered by each PI for collaboration. Agreement to collaborate may come from some or all of the PIs. Collaborators are expected to submit data generated from CCFR biospecimens back to the Colon CFR. This template INFORMATION SHEET describes the steps once an application has been approved by one or more CCFR site.

*PLEASE NOTE:  With more than 330 approved applications utilizing Colon CFR data and/or biospecimens, overlapping research questions have become more frequent. Thus, please take notice that the same Colon CFR data may be shared with multiple investigators and is done so on a first come basis. The proposed analyses may vary a little or a lot and the Colon CFR data contribution to overlapping projects may also vary. No one investigator has exclusive rights to the Colon CFR data that is shared.  While we make efforts to identify applications with similar themes, you are strongly encouraged to review the list of approved CCFR applications (above), and to contact PThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or investigators with similar projects to avoid surprises.

Questionnaires used by the Colon CFR are publicly accessible at this location.

Colon CFR Summary data describing the resource are available at this location.

Colon CFR Recruitment information and participant eligibility criteria and other CCFR information are available under Supplementary Data at this location.

The Colon CFR Resource and GWAS Data Sharing Plan can be found at this location.

Additional Forms:

  • Amendment Form - download
  • Data and/or Biospecimen Request Form (DRF) **Updated Jan 16, 2020** - download
  • Biospecimen Product Pricing: 2020 - download