The Colon Cancer Family Registry (Colon CFR) Cohort is an international consortium of six institutes in the United States, Canada and Australasia formed as a resource to support studies on the etiology, prevention, and clinical management of colorectal cancer.

The resource comprises data and biospecimens from over 42,000 participants from more than 15,000 families that have been recruited from 1998 to 2011.

Standardized protocols have been used to collect information regarding family cancer history and colorectal cancer risk factors, and biospecimens have been obtained to assess microsatellite instability (MSI) status, expression of mismatch repair proteins, and other molecular and genetic processes.

Special features of the CFRs include:

  • Population-based and clinic-based ascertainment;
  • Systematic collection of validated family history of cancer;
  • Detailed baseline risk factor questionnaire, clinical data, and follow-up data;
  • Biospecimens (including DNA, blood, tissue blocks and transformed cell lines);
  • Ongoing molecular characterization; and
  • A centralized Informatics Center housed in Melbourne, Australia.